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This is me. I'm loud, I have a '71 El Camino named Harriet, I'm a proud farmer and fashion is my life.  

I get asked a lot how I ended up in this business and the truth is I've always been drawn to rose gold but was never able to find good quality pieces that were affordable.  Turns out I wasn't the only one with that problem so I started designing and selling and ended up with a few pretty incredible and prestigious nods of encouragement along the way. These included the GRAMMY and Oscar gift bags in February 2016 and backstage with Dancing with the Stars in March 2017 where my pieces were worn in the live premiere. 

I didn't do this alone though, I live for my family and friends.  They've had my back this entire time, they're my sounding boards and my crisis squad and I want to thank them for their support.  I can't forget my husband either, he thinks I'm crazy (always has) but he'll never part with half so we're stuck together for life.

If you like what I stand for then come along and show me your #farmwifestyle.  Reach out if your mood compels you, I don't bite hard and the first phone call is always free.


Farm Wife Style is a simplistic and classic lifestyle brand that represents my life as a farmer, mother, wife, and fashion-forward female entrepreneur.  My husband and I have been farming since 2007, each full time since 2012, in rural Alberta, Canada. We have 2 beautiful daughters and farm 180 head of cattle, 25 sheep and over 2500 acres of hay- and grain-land combined.

Each collection is designed with one of the many amazing women in my life in mind.  Pair that with simplistic designs inspired by nature that layer perfectly with each other and you have the timeless and minimalistic pieces of Farm Wife Style. 

Warm gold and rose gold tones and cool rhodium offer options for all skin tones and preferences that draw attention wherever they go.  Available in shops across Canada as well as online, Farm Wife Style is redefining what it means to be a woman in farming.  My line isn't made out of rustic barnwood and antlers (although my house is), it's quite the opposite.  It's Farm Wife (me) Style (mine) because this is 100% me and what my brand is all about.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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